Roofing Online Course

*The cost of single courses increased on April 1st 2024. If you are an existing student, please contact to receive a discount code you can use on the store to maintain your existing price.* The Roofing online course covers steep roofing, steep roof flashing and flat roofing and provides you with access to our comprehensive online learning platform.

For students in Ontario, single courses are non-vocational and do not lead to a certificate or any other credential. Individuals may take one initial non-vocational single course. Successful completion of the course can be counted for advanced standing towards the full vocational Program and certificate.

Ontario Residents: Please contact Carson Dunlop directly at 1-866-586-6855 to purchase.

The Roofing online course covers both sloped and flat roof construction. Detailed descriptions and illustrations help to explain problems, causes, and implications for common roofing materials. It also goes into detail on how to inspect roofs and what to watch for.

The included Study Sessions will help you make your way through the material and the Quick Quizzes will help you check your progress as you go along. The Field Exercises will help turn your knowledge into real-world experience.