Introduction to Home Inspection Online Course

$595.00 USD

This 40-hour online training program blends richly illustrated course text and learning assessments with 68 interactive exercises, 74 video segments and 10 case studies, providing powerful learning tools for those entering home inspection business or current inspectors who want to learn more to sharpen their skills.

Topics include:

  • Roofing – sloped and flat roofing, flashings and chimneys
  • Exterior – gutters and downspouts, lot grading, surfaces, doors and windows and trim, exterior structures, garages and carports, walkways driveways and landscaping, retaining walls
  • Structure – why buildings move, configuration, footings, foundations, floors, wall systems, roof framing, masonry chimneys, things that cause structural problems
  • Electrical – the basics, service entrance, service panel, branch circuit wiring, outlets lights switches and junction boxes
  • Heating – heating objectives, generating heat, turning the heat on and off, moving the heat through the house, furnaces, hot water boilers, steam boilers, electric heat, failure probability
  • Cooling/heat pumps – air conditioning, heat pumps, evaporative coolers
  • Insulation – the basics, common insulation materials, location of insulation, current insulation standards, air/vapor barriers, ventilation, heat recovery ventilators
  • Plumbing – supply plumbing and water heaters, waste systems, plumbing fixtures
  • Interior – floor finishes, wall finishes, ceiling finishes, trim, cabinets and countertops, windows, doors, stairs, fireplaces and wood stoves, basement leakage, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Appliances – ranges, ovens, kitchen exhaust fans, refrigerators, dishwashers, food waste disposers, trash compactors, washing machines and clothes dryers, central vacuum systems