CAHPI HRB and eHRB Bundle

Buy both the CAHPI custom cover Home Reference Book and eBook and impress your clients with great content and quality of information they can keep on their shelf or access on their smart phone, tablet or PC by using the Kindle App.

If you are ordering more than one bundle, a representative will contact you with download instructions for the ebooks within one business day. If you are ordering one bundle, Click here for instructions on how to download the ebook to your mobile device.

When ordering in volume, please select quantities in multiples of 10, since there are 10 books per box.

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The CAHPI custom cover eBook includes built in search, bookmark, and simplified navigation features which makes this powerful resource even more impressive. Access the Home Reference eBook through your smart phone, tablet, or PC by using the Kindle App.

The Home Reference eBook - CAHPI

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Not available in the province of Quebec.

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