A Day in the Life of a Commercial Inspector Video

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Fact: Commercial Property Inspections require specialized knowledge and a high degree of skill.

In this online video, you will learn:

– Pertinent questions to ask the client when calculating your fee and sending out a proposal, so you don’t need to visit the property.

– The proper way to determine the true size of an electrical service to a building. You would be amazed to learn how many inspectors are doing this incorrectly!

– The proper way to assess the fee for services rendered, those who charge too little are seriously shortchanging themselves, those who charge too much are destined to be consumed by the completion.

– 18 invaluable building inspection tips that can be used on virtually every commercial building inspection you perform including:

  • Handling the initial inspection inquiry on the phone
  • Quoting the fee
  • Working with Specialists
  • Preparing for the inspection
  • Interviewing the building tenant
  • Undertaking the inspection
  • Calling the client after the inspection